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Founded in 1951
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Welcome to the Singer Owners' Club

Founded in 1951

The Singer Owners'Club has been in existence for 70 years and is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all Singer cars & vehicles spanning over 100 years of production, be they bicycles, motorcycles, cars or commercials. The Singer Owners' Club offers members a comprehensive range of services:

The 'Singer Owner' is the Singer clubs very popular bi-monthly 44/48 page full colour magazine covering all matters related to Singer cars & vehicles. To see all pages of a typical magazine click here. For a free copy please contact the Secretary.

You can now join the Singer Owners' Club or renew your membership online and pay by credit card, PayPal or direct debit. Just click here and follow the instructions. For new members a current magazine will be sent with your membership card.

Latest News

Singer National Weekend 9th-12th June 2022

If all goes to plan Singer National Weekend 2022 will be the opportunity to celebrate the Club's 70th anniversary. The latest itinerary information is in the current edition of the Singer Owner and more details will be published as soon as possible. Please note that the event will be on all four days, Thursday 9th June-Sunday 12th June inclusive, giving plenty of time to catch up with Singer friends.

All 70 rooms reserved by the Club for Friday night and Saturday night 10th and 11th June 2022 have been booked by members and currently all the remaining 32 rooms in the hotel are also full. Rooms may become available due to cancellations or reservations not being taken up. To check late availability call 0115 9739420.

1933 Spring

1933-1937 9hp front brake pull off springs.

Front brake pull off springs are now available for all 1933-1937 9hp cars. See here for more details and to order.


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About Singer Cars

Singer cars were first built in Coventry in 1905 and from the very early models were always a quality product. Output of Singer cars rapidly increased after the Great War and by 1930 Singer were the third largest car manufacturer in the UK. The majority of the production was saloons but today very few of those exist and the Singer cars that are most sought after are the specialist models made in much smaller numbers such as the 9hp Le Mans the archetypal British sports car.

Post war Singer cars were primarily the Roadster models but after being taken over by the Rootes Group in 1955 Singer cars continued the quality theme with models such as the Gazelle and Vogue but Singer production and the Singer name was discontinued in 1970.

More detail on the Singer Company and the Singer cars can be found here.

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