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Directory of Member Recommended Suppliers

Welcome to the Third edition of the Directory of Member Recommended Suppliers - March 2023

Please note that this Directory is published as a guide and mention of a particular company or individual does not imply that their products or services are endorsed by the Singer Owners’ Club. Entries are based entirely on recommendations from our members. In most cases these recommendations are for specific services and the members are unlikely to have had experience of a company’s entire range. If you choose to use a particular supplier or service you do so entirely at your own risk.

The Directory has been subdivided into categories, but it is inevitable that some suppliers cross over more than one category. If you don’t find who or what you are looking for, please try looking through all the sections or use the search facility. We have been as careful as possible to ensure that entries are correct. Please let us know of any changes or new recommendations so that we can publish updates and make amendments to future editions.

Liz Heyer & Martin Hunter

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