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Singer Owners' Club Spares

Spare parts both original (used and new) and re-manufactured are available for many Singer models through the Singer Owners' Club Spares Registrars. These club members are recognised as the authorised suppliers of Singer spares and will only sell to club members.

Junior Parts

A limited amount of Singer Owners' Club Junior parts are available from Dick Preston 01766 762430

Le Mans Spares from Dave Hardwick Spares Ltd

Dave Hardwick Spares Ltd is now being run by the Hardwick family. A large stock of parts is available from brake hoses to crankshafts for 9HP and 1½ Litre Sports Cars from 1933 to 1937 and Tourers and Saloons from 9HP to 2 Litre. (Please note parts are not available for any other pre or post war models).

Fully illustrated 69 page catalogue UK £12.50, Europe €20 (cash only), Rest of World £20.00 (cash only). Download catalogue order form here.

Contact preferably by email but if by phone weekdays 7.00pm-9.00pm or Saturdays 9.00am-12.00am +44 (0)1522 682511. For postal address please see the ‘Singer Owner’.

Please supply as much information as possible especially year and chassis number of the car and if known the DH catalogue numbers of the parts required.

Roadster Spares

Many Roadster parts (1939-1954) are available from the Singer Owners' Club. For information on availability please contact the chairman Arthur Michell 01604 764437.

Rootes Spares

Many Rootes parts are still available from specialist suppliers, for information please contact the relevant Registrar.

The Singer Owners’ Club is pleased to announce that it has come to an exclusive arrangement with Ex-Pressed Steel Panels Ltd whereby members can purchase any item manufactured by Ex-Pressed at a 10% discount.

Ex-Pressed Steel Panels specialise in the manufacture of a wide range of discontinued and unobtainable classic car panels produced from the 1950s onward. For Singer Owners there are panels for Gazelles, Vogues and Chamois and they come highly rated by the Club’s Vogue Registrar who only uses panels from Ex-Pressed for his own restorations.

To qualify for the 10% discount on any panel (not necessarily Rootes) all you need to do is let Ex-Pressed know your Singer Owners’ Club membership number which can be checked with the Club Secretary if you are unsure.

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